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From Response to Resilience: CDRO's Fort Hope Deployment

CDRO is honored to share that our members in partnership with Ontario Search and Rescue Volunteer Association completed a deployment to Fort Hope. Along with the Canadian Red Cross, we were supporting the Eabametoong First Nation, which was in a State of Emergency after a structural fire destroyed their Water Treatment Facility.

The loss of this community lifeline resulted in approximately 700 community members being evacuated to Thunder Bay and Niagara Falls for hosting while repairs were completed to the Facility.

CDRO directly assisted the Band Council, fulfilling functions as Deputy Incident Commander, Advanced Planning Unit Leader, and Supply Unit Leader to ensure the health and safety of over 900 community members who remained in the community. Ensuring continuity of community lifelines included the distribution of potable and non-potable water, food security, and pet food.

Pets Canada generously supported CDRO’s efforts with the donation of supplies to Eabametoong First Nation, to ensure that in the absence of pet owners, all loved ones were taken care of.

As community lifelines and critical infrastructure were recovered; planning for community members was undertaken and took place over five days, followed by the demobilization of supporting agencies, as the Band Council was fully able to support their community and its members.

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