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Advisory Services

Our advisory services ensure you, your team and the community you serve are prepared, able to navigate, and recover for whatever emergency comes your way. 


Planned & Unplanned Event Management

Planned events allow for advanced notice and time to initiate prevention, mitigation,  and preparedness activities, while ensuring an effective and efficient response and recovery.  Unplanned events validate the level of preparedness previously completed and institutionalized in a comprehensive emergency management program. Unplanned events can be planned for.  Experts have validated: “Every dollar invested in prevention, mitigation and preparedness saves six dollars on response and recovery”


Program Development

Develop a program that provides for management and coordination activities (prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response & recovery) for all hazards.  The program utilizes the “whole community concept” to encompass all organizations, agencies, departments, and individuals having responsibilities for these activities.


Program Assessment

The assessment is intended to define what a quality emergency management program is rather than how any particular function or activity is conducted. Utilization of international & national standards, legislation & statutes and industry best practices in emergency management will be utilized to benchmark the program to continue to improve and advance the state of the readiness through continuous improvement.


Exercises Design, Development & Facilitation

Emergency management exercises are the primary means of validating and enhancing the emergency management programs;

  • Assisting in development and maintaining the skills of personnel;

  • Test and validate the effectiveness of emergency plans, procedures, facilities, equipment and training;

  • Demonstrate the adequacy of emergency plans and preparedness to threats, hazards and risks.

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