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Deployment Services

CDRO is ready to be deployed to serve your communities needs at a moment's notice. Regardless of the threat, hazard or risk we have the capability and capacity to deploy an All Hazards Incident Management Team to fulfill functional roles as required.



Mobilize an All-Hazard Incident Management Team, consisting of critical incident command functions to support the establishment of command, control and coordination structures within the affected community to manage the impacts/consequences and maintain as needed throughout the duration of the situation


Virtual or Remote Command Centre

Establish, facilitate, and maintain virtual or remote command centre(s) for; strategic, operational and/or tactical decision making through the collection, collation, evaluation and dissemination of decision-relevant critical information regarding the nature and extent of the impacts and consequences of the threat, hazard or risk, including cascading effects.



Crises are inevitable, but if you imbed in your organization reasons to believe in leadership while times are good, you can keep them aligned, motivated, and loyal when things get tough.  Through our leadership training; we will share with you leadership values and vision that matters so that your organization can instill belonging and resilience that will allow the organization to manage the tough times.


The Team

Deployment, virtually or in-situ, to assist authority(ies) having legislated or jurisdictional authority with the functioning of a command centre, for integrated and comprehensive situational awareness to develop a common operating picture for timely, effective, and efficient decision making.


After Action Review & Corrective Action Planning

AARs and CAPs are tools for the evaluation process that provide a structed process for identifying and compiling performance and planning issues.  Depending on the scope of the situation, the process may include from one to several separate initiatives to engage participants, identify issues and initiate follow-up action to ensure successes are institutionalized and areas for improvement have a corrective action plan.

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