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CDRO is Open for Business!

Community Disaster Response Ontario (CDRO), as a non-governmental organization is proud to serve the residents of Ontario. The capabilities and capacities of Ontario’s emergency response will be enhanced through coordination, collaboration, and cooperation through CDRO working with existing organizations.

CDRO is federally incorporated not-for-profit that will assist in building a more resilient Ontario my meeting the human needs during an emergency while stabilizing the incident and transitioning to recovery. This will be accomplished through deployment of members of an All-Hazard Incident Management Team, who are trained under the Ontario Incident Management System and have operations deployment experience in Ontario.

CDRO is available for deployment throughout Ontario to assist the Province, Regions, Counties and Municipalities in all aspects of emergency management. Their subject matter experts are available to assist prior to an emergency with the prevention, mitigation and preparedness phases and continue with the response and recovery phases.

Please take a look at our website or We look forward to working for and with you, together we will make Ontario safer and more secure for our residents, visitors and businesses.

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