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Get Ready to Weather Any Storm: The Lowdown on Emergency Preparedness Week!

Emergency Preparedness Week is an important annual event in Canada that aims to raise awareness and promote preparedness for emergencies and disasters. It typically takes place during the first full week of May and is coordinated by Public Safety Canada in collaboration with provincial and territorial governments, non-governmental organizations, and other partners.

During Emergency Preparedness Week, individuals, families, businesses, and communities are encouraged to take steps to prepare for various types of emergencies, such as natural disasters, severe weather, power outages, and other unexpected events. Preparedness may include developing emergency plans, creating emergency kits with essential supplies, knowing evacuation routes, staying informed about potential hazards, and practicing emergency drills.

The specific theme and activities of Emergency Preparedness Week may vary each year, but the overall goal is to help people be better prepared to protect themselves and their loved ones in the event of an emergency or disaster.

Canadian Disaster Response Organization participates in Emergency Preparedness Week by promoting emergency preparedness and supporting disaster response efforts. CDRO also participates in EP Week by collaborating with communities and organizations to enhance emergency management programs and ensure a comprehensive and effective response to emergencies.

Overall, CDRO's involvement in Emergency Preparedness Week is focused on helping to build resilience and preparedness in communities and organizations across Canada and supporting disaster response efforts.

Are you prepared?

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